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View Drive In Rack Liquidation Structural Drive-in rack liquidation, located in Bettendorf, Iowa.
A project that is currently in progress.

Chicago Liquidation:
Must sell: 1.5 million square feet of warehouse equipment for sale at blow out pricing.
We will divide. Free storage for a limited time.

You may view it by appointment. Located in Manteno, IL, 60950, 45 minutes south of Chicago.

  • 4000 sections of pallet rack. Mostly Unarco T bolt. 18' tall and 24' tall x 42" deep with 96" beams, estimated 4700 lbs per pair capacity.
  • 1 case flow pic module, 3 levels with replenishment rack. 2 Portec spiral conveyors.
  • 4 pallet flow pick modules, 3 levels, 2 Portec spiral conveyors.
  • 50,000 sq feet of Free standing mezzanine, 22' tall deck height, wide spans. Plus another 30,000 square feet of mezzanine to support the conveyor system.
  • 10,000 feet of conveyor system.
  • Several shoe sorters
  • 65 truckloaders, 3 types.
  • 2 Battery changing units with lots of battery racks with conveyor rollers built in.
  • Battery washing system.
  • Battery charging system.
  • 40 battery chargers encluding Enforcer type chargers, mostly 36 volt and some 48 volt.
  • 50 sections of steel shelving.

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Drive-In Rack Liquidation: Iowa
Structural Drive-In rack liquidation, located in Bettendorf, Iowa. A project that is currently in progress.

There is about 12,000 pallet positions available as of June 9, 2019.

There are many configurations available with most being 24' tall uprights on the front and 4" face column stock on all.
Current configurations are 4 tall x 2, 3, 4, and 5 deep.
Currently the bay openings are 50" ID and 52" ID.

We can supply it with any configuration you wish. We will build it to suit.

Including pressure wash, paint, or whatever your requirements are, Opening or closing the ID bay opening, and changing the height of the uprights, etc. .
We can hold your order before shipping up to Oct 1, 2019 at no charge. Deposits of course are required on all orders.

We also have about 600 each 102" x 4" structural. We have structural uprights available if needed.

View More Photos 58 photos in this gallery. Will open into OneDrive Gallery.

We provide same day quotes, can provide engineered stamped drawings, and offer an installation.
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