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Welcome to Nowhandling.   

We have over 40 years of experience in Material Handling.  We manufacture the Universal A-Frame Skid, we do custom fabrication, and we buy and sell new and used warehouse equipment. 

Featuring our new Universal A-Frame Skid for Stone Slabs, Quartz, Marble, Granite, Glass and  finished surfaces for floors, walls, bath ceramics, kitchen counter tops, institutional service  etc.

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Universal Shipping Skid
THE MOST VERSITILE STORAGE UNIT IN THE INDUSTRY is this galvanized steel skid that serves as a heavy duty shipping skid with outriggers to lock and secure a 30,000 lb. load into an ocean container, a van, a flatbed truck, a flatbed rail car or intermodal container. It can be knocked down by one person in less than 5 min. for storage or empty return.

It can be double stacked fully loaded or by extending the outriggers can become a standard slab rack for bulk, finished product or remnant storage. Customers use it to display products, pull orders for delivery and with wheels it is a heavy duty transport cart.

The galvanized finish makes it suitable for outdoor storage. Fork lift pockets make it movable by standard warehouse lift equipment. Reduce order handling by staging an order on the skid and setting the entire order on the delivery truck.

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